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Thursday 8 March 2012

Thursday April 7 : Al-Arroub Refugee Camp

On the other side of Road 60
First time we wake up and have breakfast in Al-Arroub, the refugee camp where we are staying until next Thursday. Today, we won’t be able to meet the young Palestinians who have joined us in our encounter and exchange project before late in the afternoon as they are (...)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Friday April 8 : Al-Arroub – Mar Saba

Subject of today’s Arabic class: the days of the week. The first day is called yawn al-ahad, “the first day”. It’s logical except that for the Muslims, the first day corresponds to our Sunday.The second day is, of course, “the second day”, yawm al-ithniin, that is to say Monday. After that, yawm (...)

Friday 9 March 2012

Saturday April 9 : Activities in Al-Arroub

This morning we are awaited at the EJE centre, a two-storey building that stands a few steps away from our "home sweet home" .
Samaher, the young and (very!) pretty coordinator of the centre welcomes us in the central room, a large hall decorated with drawings and pictures of little boys and (...)

Friday 9 March 2012

Sunday April 10: Hebron

We got up at dawn. On today’s programme: the town of Hebron, which is a forty-minute-drive from Jerusalem, or about 30 km away from Bethlehem. For Anne-Claire and Tanguy, this means meeting again with Chantal Abu-Eisheh, a Frenchwoman who has settled in Hebron: she welcomed the first Taayoush (...)

Friday 9 March 2012

Monday April 11 : Aida, Bethlehem and Al-Arroub

This morning, we leave Al-Arroub with the taxi-van to the refugee camp of Aida (Bethlehem), where we are meeting Martine and Sandra for a convivial cooking activity together with the women of the camp. Aida is the place where Tanguy and Anne-Claire stayed for ten days with the first Taayoush (...)