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Tuesday 6 September 2011
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At the beginning the 2011 team was made up of 10 people : Anne-Claire, Deniz, Caroline, Laurie, Margot, Marie-Gaëlle, Natalia, Paul, Sébastien et Tanguy. (See the poetic-audiovisual portraits)

Who’s who on these pictures ? Can you match our photos with the little descriptions we have written ?

A. My fair fringe hides my eyes, so you can’t see whan I’m watching you ! My name is Marie-Gaëlle

B. I’m rather sun-tanned, have dark hair and usually wear a shirt rather than a T-shirt. My name is Deniz

C. I’m not a fashion victim and should really have asked for advice before I put this scarf on ! My name is Anne-Claire

D. I’m a smiling walking bunch of flowers. My name is Caroline

E. I used to have one but I cut it off last week because as it was as dark as my hair, it made me look older than I am. My name is Paul

F. Long fair hair, a quiet face but a head boiling with ideas, that’s me : Natalia

G. My eyes aren’t so good anymore and I haven’t much hair left but this is no problem to play music or travel round the world. I’m Tanguy

H. I dream all day long through my enchanting glasses, and think of the two loves of my life : music and animals. My name is Margot.

I. Even when I’m in uniform, I like to look nice : a little make-up, some jewels and I’m ready to go into the vast world. My name is Laurie

J. I like playing the piano and the guitar and I love watching films. My name is Sebastien

or :

If I were a landscape :

1. Sun hidden behind clouds drifting above a lake. Shining willow trees against a red-orange sky. On my skin, the delicious feeling or autumn or spring warmth. In the grass, little insects are hunting for the last bits of food.

2. The soft swish of a camel caravan at sunset across the sand dunes of the Tunisian desert. Infinite peace.

3. Summer time, school is over, no books or bags to carry anymore, no heavy clothes to wear anymore. Olive trees and little earth ways. No roads to break the landscape into pieces

4. Spring and its delicious smell. Room to stretch myself, unwind, relax in the silence. The air is orange with sunlight.

5. Winter time. I like the crispy feeling of my skin when I get out of my warm bed. No need to make up, nobody to ask me questions. I go and feed the horses then go riding across the meadows. I know the way by heart. The landscape opens more and more as I get into it. Old farms, milestones, dew.

6. White and blue landscape that smells of freedom, wind and warm wine. Snowy mountain- tops, nobody to tell me what I have to do. I’m home.

7. Black and dark blue sea and sky, cute little stars and moon and clouds, the silhouette of dead trees, winter time: no smell, no noise, peace. Imaginary landscape.

8. Desert beach, golden sand, blue sky, summer warmth. Freedom and the flame of idealism burning inside of me. Endless horizon and the smell of the sea...

9. Desert-like landscape, bushes, rocks, mountains, sunset, cool wind, endless horizon, I feel so small. Invisible water springs, inhabited desert, swarming insects, a few rain-drops. Mint-tea, camp-fire, warm bread, sleeping under the stars.


Solution :

1- H Margot
2- C Anne-Claire
3- D Caroline
4- E Paul
5- I Laurie
6- F Natalia
7- A Marie-Gaëlle
8- B Deniz
9- G Tanguy
- J Sébastien


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