Jewish lady at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, 03/04/2009

Monday 28 December 2009
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Lady in her 40s-50s, in full proselytism. She accosted us on the esplanade leading to the Wailing Wall.

Juive radicale 1

"All the Non-Jews have to respect Noah’s Seven Laws for the sake of this universe. God gave the Seven Commandments for the Gentiles [1] to keep to guarantee the existence of this world. They are : 1. to believe in God, 2. not to curse God, 3. not to kill, 4. not to steal, 5. not to eat an animal [2] while the animal is still alive, 6. to have Courts, 7. not to get married in an immoral relationship like a father marrying his daughter, a brother his sister or all kinds of those relationships that don’t bring a child into the world. Because God wants the continuation of the world...

As for the political issue, the only way to real peace is through the Noah’s Seven Laws. There will never be peace with the Palestinians. There are all kinds of (Jewish) groups : all say that if one group made peace (with the Palestinians), the other groups are not obliged to follow... The Jewish people are the Chosen People and the Holy Beloved people of God, and God is going to resurrect all the bad and evil peole that did bad things to the Jewish people and He is going to punish them... We are all waiting for God’s punishment for all those who touched the bottom eye of God when they did bad things to the Jewish people. Long live our Messiah !…"

Juive radicale 2

What happened yesterday in Beit-Ein settlement [3] is unbelievable… Can you imagine that in 2009? ... The world has made so much progress : even Saddam Hussein got a much better punishment when he died. Here there was no trial!... A very bad person... Not even a person but something worse than an animal came to innocent children and wanted to kill them in the worst way…

This is the government’s fault, it is not strong enough : our government lets the terrorists stay at hostels and enjoy life but it puts people who want to protect their life in prison for 7 years. The father of this child who was hit on the head and has now to be operated on has been sitting in prison for already 7 years now, just because he wanted to protect his life, that of his family and of the whole settlement. Because of that he is sitting in jail and is not allowed to see his wife nor his family. This is not fair….

Even the Non-Jews understand we have to protect ourselves. These (Muslim) fundamentalists are not dangerous only for the Jewish people, they are a danger for everybody : people have so quickly forgotten that on September 11, these criminals wanted to bomb all America !.. They didn’t want to harm the Jews only!… We need the help of all the countries, of everybody... And if you help the Jewish people - with your propaganda, with your money or physically - then you are going to get a reward from God ... Because all the crimes that are committed here… God won’t forgive anyone who just sits there, watching what is happening without reacting, saying : I don’t want to interfere !…. We are crying out for your help, OK? Thank you!….”

Young Jewish hippy in his early 30s, met on the same place, on the same day.

Juifs hippies 1

"First of all, I’d like to say it is nice to sit here with you now and have the energy change because she (the Jewish preacher) was really intense and... We were feeling very quiet and connected to the whole world and when she came and then left, she letf us with all this tension, all this fear that she was feeling inside her …

What do you think about what she said ?

It’s the second time we encounter such an expression... I’m Jewish, by the way, but then at the same time, I’m not… I mean I’m Jewish because that is what the Jewish people think I am. But I don’t feel I’m a Jew... I feel that this kind of speech separates the people. It’s making the situation or things worse. It is not bringing us closer to a solution nor to peace or anything of the kind… And it isn’t even her fault. She belongs to a generation that believes in that…

This happens with all religions, creating separation : we went to the Muslim district, and we wanted to go into the Golden Mosque, but we were not allowed in... And then, I wanted to take a Koran in their library but they said to me : « No, you can’t touch it, you are not a Muslim»… Religion starts from a good place, like from Mohamed, Jesus, Moses… And then people start interpreting it and it becomes something totally different. After several thousands of years, it becomes something crazy, like this… But it is also part of God I guess, the fact that it is happening like this... We just should try to keep peace in our heart, be at peace with ourselves

Young Australian Hippy in his early 30s

Juifs hippies 2

Even if we disagree on things, it is OK, we can disagree on things and still love each other.

We sort of discreetly observed you while the woman was speaking to you. We just listened to her, and when she had finished, we said thank you, but we saw you were discussing. What were you trying to do? Tell her that you disagreed or...?

Well, she was...

The lady comes back and interrups us. Same place, same day

"You remember I spoke with you : please, let the Jews go out of Egypt !... OK?... In 8 days, the Jews must sit and celebrate the fact that God led them out of Egypt 3300 years ago, OK ?… You will force him to sit down and eat matza and drink 4 cups of wine… OK ?… Because he is a Jew !… He is different!…. "

[1non-Jews abiding by these 7 laws

[2in fact "tear a limb"

[3a Palestinian is said to have attacked young settlers with an axe

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