Marwa, Salomon’s Pool, Bethlehem 08/04/2009

Monday 28 December 2009
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Read the report on our conversation with Marwa at Solomon’s Pool, on Wednesday April 8

Marwa tells us about her 18-year old brother.

Marwa about her brother

My younger brother was caught and sent to prison one and a half year ago because some guys said that he was throwing bombs at Israeli soldiers. So they came and took him… He had to go to Court each month. After one and a half year, the Court sentenced him to 44 more months... We can visit him twice a month but we need an authorization which must be renewed every three months... I have one valid for one year but for the other prisoners it’s only valid for three months… We go there with the UN buses because we can’t go on our side We can see him for only 45 minutes If he needs something (trousers for ex) he first has to give us what he has ; an item against an item…

Can you write to him? Does he get your letters?

Yes, he does but they take a long time, maybe one month or two before he gets them. So if you send him one now, he will only get it in one month...

He is 18, isn’t he?... What does he do during the day? how does he "spend the time?"

There are many activities organised for the boys in the prison. My brother, for ex., has started learning English... Cooking too... He does gymnastics...

You mean there are teachers, trainers who take care of the boys inside the prison ?

No, the prisoners just share their knowledge and experience... Some of them have books... So they all share what they know because it is the only thing they have...