Ayssar, Aida camp, Bethlehem 09/04/2009

Monday 28 December 2009
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Read the whole report on our meeting with Aysar, on Thursday April 9

Interview of Ayssar, 18. Al-Rowwad Center, second floor. Translation by Oussama.

Interview Aysar

My name is Ayssar, I live in Bethlehem but I’m not from here. I’m 18 years old and I’m in the same grade at high school as my friends… We are 7 people in my family : my father and my mother and I have one brother and 3 sisters… I like my work here at Al-Rowwad : “Images for Life” and doing theatre, being on stage… I don’t like, or more exactly, I hate the soldiers and the army. The Israeli soldiers... I can’t help thinking about the occupation… I think about it all the time, the checkpoints, what happened in Gaza, what’s happening all around Palestine…

Why did you choose to learn photography at Al-Rowwad centre ? What do you like in that activity?

I like working in the “Images for Life -workshop” because it gives me the opportunity to take pictures about our situation, and so to break the rule : we are always in front of the cameras but now, I have the opportunity to be behind it and to take the pictures I want and to show what reality is like here the way I see it. It’s a really great opportunity to say what I think about our daily life and also about the political life : I’m not really interested in it but I want to talk about the problem people have with water, food, living in a refugee camp. For me, it is important to be able to express ourselves about the problem with or through the eye of a camera…

When did you begin to take pictures? Who taught you?

The first person who opened my eyes on what I could do with a camera was my friend Ribal and that’s how, one year ago, I got involved in the “Images for Life” workshop at Al-Rowwad.... I think that up to now, I must have taken about 2800 pictures in all…

Are you dreaming of having exhibitions in the Western countries, in Europe, for example?

My dream is to be able one day to exhibit my pictures all around the world, in Europe, America, Israel, Russia, in all the Arabic countries, everywhere…