Jamal, Aida Camp, Al-Rowwad Center 10/04/2009

Monday 28 December 2009
popularity : 100%

Read the whole report on our meeting with Jamal, on Friday April 10


My name is Jamal. I’m 16 years old, I’m a student. My hobbies are swimming, playing basket-ball and singing rap with the "Freedom’s sons".

Why did you decide one day to write songs? How do the ideas come, How do the words come?

Well, we saw many rap bands on TV. We like it and that’s how we began to write our own texts... The words come up like this. We don’t need to think. They come from the situation, from what we feel… We live in a bad situation, and we want to speak about it, about what’s happening in Palestine... So we have a lot of things to write about...

Do you often meet and rehearse ? Do you first write the lyrics and then the music comes afterwards ? How do you work?

One of us has got an idea and starts writing about it and then together, we look for a music that will suit the lyrics. Then we meet and try to sing together…

(song in Arabic) Mummy, I grew up into your hands, your birthday is the most beautiful day in the world. On the day you ll have no birthday, i will have no happy days anymore

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