Young student in architecture, Hebron, 11/04/2009

Monday 28 December 2009
popularity : 90%

In the Rehabilitation Center

My name is Rosanne. I’m from Hebron. I’m an architect and engineer. I studied here in Hebron. I’m 23 and just freshly graduated from the technical university of Palestine…

Interview of the student

I’d like to tell you a bit about women here in Hebron, the rules : they have the right to study, go to school, to university... This is not the case only in Hebron, but in all of Palestine, and in general, in the Arabic world. Women can go to university. Some even continue their studies to get higher education, a Master or a Ph degree. They also have the right to work, in many fields. Our religion, Islam, respects women, gives them the right to work and deal with people... Of course, there is a red line not to cross so as to have people respect us.

Our religion asks us to wear a scarf and cover our head, but it depends on you, on the relation you have with God. If you want to wear it, you can... Of course, there are parents who ask their daughters to put it on but in general, you decide to or not… I told you about the fact our religion respects women : it is simply because they are all wives, daughters, sisters and the half of society, the answer to the other half... There is a Palestinian saying that every great man who is successful in his life owes it to a woman, to the role she played in his life...